Andrew Nault


“Without question, Andrew Nault is the most natural-born producer I have had the privilege of teaching.  He has all of the qualities that mark a great record-maker:  a deep reservoir of musical knowledge, an incredible ear, sensitivity to individual and group dynamics, focus, patience, kindness, intellect, and above all, a profound love for and faith in the art of music.   He is the producer I always recommend, and the producer I would call upon if I were a recording artist.”
– Susan Rogers (Producer, Engineer, Mixer – Prince, Violent Fems, David Byrne)


“Nault has forever changed how I not only approach recording, but how I listen to music. Every time I walk out of a session with Nault, regardless of how amazing or terrible the project was, we were always smiling and I learned something new about music, and myself.”
– Alex Prieto (Engineer, Mixer, Producer)


“I’ve worked with Andrew over the last 6 years and, during that time, he has become an irreplaceable part of my musical life.  His love of music is absolutely infectious.  Any artist who has the good fortune to work with him as a producer, engineer, and/or drummer can’t help but be re-inspired in the process.”
– Emily Peal (Songwriter, Emily Peal and The Band of Skinny Men)


“Being decisive, knowledgable, and forward thinking are all aspects a good producer needs, and are all things Andrew excels at. However, beyond all those qualities he is someone who can make anyone feel comfortable in the studio; which is a talent hard to find and something someone cannot learn. The best thing I can say about Andrew is that I honestly wish I could spend every day in the studio working with him. He is, and always has been, a dedicated and invaluable asset to any project.”
– Aaron Bastinelli (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)


“I have had the privilege of working with Andrew Nault as both a drummer and a producer. He thinks and plays outside-the-box and those musicians are both hard to come by and difficult to let go of. If I want dirty, he gives me dirty. If I want clean, he gives me clean. If I have no idea what I want, which can happen more often than not, he gives me exactly what I didn’t know I wanted.”
– Brittney Wells (Songwriter)


“Andrew is the man.  Such an intuitive, multi-talented musician, a natural born leader of the rhythm section.  From the drumset or the control room Andrew can gracefully take any artist to the next level.”
– Matt McArthur (Songwriter, Founder of The Record Company)


“Working with Andrew Nault is not only a pleasure but an honor. He brings an unmatched passion, creativity, and expertise to every project, and the results are clearly audible. My album has been described across the web as “ethereal,” “incredibly beautiful,” and “precisely crafted,” but without Andrew’s vision and hard work (as producer, engineer, percussionist, and countless other roles) it would never have been anything more than a dream. He threw himself completely into its creation and went far and beyond to make the best work possible. I could not recommend Andrew any more highly, as I believe wholeheartedly that he is capable only of the best.”
– Laura Jorgensen (Songwriter)


“As a producer, my favorite aspect of Andrew’s style is his ability to make the recording creative and fun. He knows how and what to say to an artist to bring out their best performance.  After you finish a session with him you feel that you have created real art. As a drummer, Andrew combines a great range of dynamics and nuance of rhythm to create a deep pocket. He brings a great energy while performing and writing that really inspires me to play better. There have been many of times when I’m out of ideas and Andrew is still pushing a creative energy that lifts everyone in the room.”

– Dave Marvuglio (Session Bass Player, Emily Peal and The Band of Skinny Men, Cope)


“There are few people, places, or things that I recommend more highly than working with Andrew Nault. As an engineer, producer, drummer, and overall human being he excels in all areas and never ceases to continuously improve. I’ve had the pleasure to work with him on two records (The Most Tarnished Birds by Dirty Dishes and goddamn pants by Trespasser) as an engineer and producer; and even though both were extremely different projects (in musical style, environment, funding, personality, etc.), he found a way to make everything easier and better for everyone involved. Bottom line, Andrew Nault is one of the most talented, professional, and musical young producers/engineers in the industry today. Get at him while you still have a chance.”
– Alex Molini (The Dirty Dishes, Trespasser)


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrew on many projects, in many different contexts. I rarely have the opportunity to create with a person so passionate about his art. As a producer, he has a unique ability to pull emotions so strong from the artists he works with that they are almost tangible. As a musician, his playing reflects a rare quality that he has in spades: he listens. Andrew ranks high among the loudest drummers I have ever made music with, but that intensity is delicate; rather than neolithically pounding his instrument, he pulls from his drums ghost stories, nightmares, folklore. Andrew makes art, and he is very good at it.”
– Mike Agentis (Songwriter, Arranger, Sound Designer, Stars Regardless)